Warner Christian Academy Band

...Educating, performing, growing for the glory of God

2014-2015 BAND WISH LIST 
3 octave Yamaha vibraphone
Adams marimba
Adams 1.5 octave chimes set

Hey there!

I'm Ray-Jay Montgomery III from

Montgomery Automotive Scholastical Bartering and Lumber Law Firm

here at your service and darlin' I'm fixin to ask YOU a question!

I know these days are red and the nights are far but when was the last time you had the opportunity...the chance...the call...the E-X-CUUUUUSE to give from your ever-lovin', ticker? You know that good sacrificial givin for the good of a person or persons that are making change in their community? I was speakin' with the President of Atlanta just last week and you know what he told me? He said, and I quote him burrrrrrr-batem "RAY JAY, YOU HAVEN'T SCHEDULED AN APPOINTMENT".

Well, actually it was his secretary but I imagined those words in the big chief's voice. After those deep thoughts I got to thinkin and I decided to give myself to help a friend neighbor, cousin, OR  music program and I'm askin you to do the same! The Warner Velvet Baaaaaaaaaluuuuuuues Band is workin harrrrrd fur the glory of the Messiah! Go'on and take a look-see at what they need to progress their program and take a look-see square in the mirror and one last look-see if the good Lord is a-tuggin' on the strings of your heart! If so contact Mrs. Shearer or Mr. Raulerson and let'm know how you can help! They're just dyin to hear from ya! Thank ya kindly sweet pea!