Warner Christian Academy Band

...Educating, performing, growing for the glory of God

VB Marching Band

The Velvet Blues Marching Band and colorguard Vision consist of 8th-12th grade students who perform for  festivals, football games, pep rallies, and various school spirited functions throughout the fall semester. The band rehearses two weeks before the first week of school and continues four days a week (Tuesday- Friday) for the duration of the season.

6th Grade Band

Sixth grade beginners band is comprised of the entire 6th grade class split into two classes. Here students get their first experience playing a wind or percussion instrument and learn introductory tunes and scales. This class is the best place to start the WCA band track to ensure students the necessary exposure to the arts and fundamental disciplines they'll implement that carry into so many areas of life.   

Honors Band

The Sixth Grade Honors Band gathers the 6th grade students that are showing expedient progress and places them in class that meets two times a week. The Honors Band students are chosen each semester and any student willing to show the ethic is not only eligible but encouraged to make that band a personal goal. 

Concert Band & 007 Jazz Band

Concert Band is a 7th and 8th grade class that meets every day and prepares students for the high school level of music proficiency. The curriculum is divided between beginner music theory, choral and concert literature, sight-reading skill, and the 007 Jazz band. The Jazz band meets every other day and students learn the beginnings of big band playing and improvisation.

Basketball Pep Band

Basketball pep band is an auditioned ensemble that plays for select basketball games. Having very minimal rehearsals, the band is geared as a school support of anything else. We want to always work together with our gifts and pep band is a great way to show the athletic department that we stand hand in hand in Warner's success. The band is  helpful way to obtain service hours!

Jazz Band

The High school Jazz Band meets every day and is the year's most consistently active band. Traveling in the holiday season from nursing homes to food courts this band puts the foot out to get into the community. The jazz band has also joined with Spruce Creek HS and Atlantic HS to host the Lakeside Jazz Festival. Competing in district festivals, the curriculum is designed to teach students big band, small combo, jazz history, improvisation, and jazz standards.   

Symphonic Band

The high school symphonic band meets daily and competes at district festivals each year. Exposing students to the highest high school literature, scale pass-offs, and periodic clinicians this class prepares them for music at the collegiate level.

Tour Band

Tour band takes place in April and is an interview-based 25 piece high school band that combines a school wind ensemble with a worship team. Adding a message of the gospel this group goes out for a five day tour to other schools, rescue missions, churches, street corners, and anywhere else we can make a stage. The tour band has traveled through cities in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and New York in the past years but has the sole purpose of providing students with the opportunity to witness the gospel away from home.